Economically and commercially sustainable Technology Lifecycle Management


ASECCA has allowed my team to manage our mobile phone estate from one office. This has been an incredible help, our purchasing power was centralised increasing our handset options and distribution methods.  Our end users are particularly fond of the end user fulfilment options provided with the 24-hr swap-out being utilised almost daily.

*14,000 handsets managed


Our Expertise

With our geographical reach that is second to none, Asecca is one of the largest reaching technology servicing firms. We work closely with global clients assisting them with services across every major continent, finding unique and bespoke solutions to fulfil any and all of their requirements. 

Our Results

We operate a Lifecycle Management Service contract for a global client working in the Manufacturing Industry, which sees us manage an estate of 28,000 devices. In total this saves over 2,000,000 kilograms of Carbon emissions. These emissions would require 100,000 trees or a forest the size of 500 football pitches every year to offset.


Hardware is our main focus on our Lifecycle Journey and this is where we can make a difference. We have global fulfilment abilities reducing down time and centralising systems. We manage to complete 95% of deliveries within a 48 hour period with everything tracked on our portal, from orders to invoices and everything in-between.

Our Philosophy

A sustainable future for our industry is far from complete. Hardware manufacturing is a significant contributor to the Carbon Footprint of any business. At Asecca, we give our clients the opportunity to be part of a cleaner and a more sustainable, economical future as all of our services are now completely Carbon Neutral.

Our Experience

Our vision is to upset a trend, educate the industry and take action. The importance of sustainability in our industry remains, however the perception is growing and is becoming the new paramount. We are at the forefront of the change. The world and our clients are benefitting from this new reality.


Each device, before it makes its way through our network to its eventual end user, requires enrolment onto software. Whether that be a Mobile Device Management or a Device Enrolment Program. This is always completed before any dispatch, ensuring the device is delivered, ready for action.