Mobile Phone Recycling

Lifecycle Management

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Mobile Phone Recycling

The recycling stage is arguably the first stage to our Lifecycle Management Service as whenever we supply devices, we aim to generate revenue from the replaced redundant devices. We then extend the lifecycle of the redundant devices our clients create whilst mitigating any sanctions from data breaches.

How it works

After an initial setup, whether that is online or through our client management team, your service will be live and devices can be collected and returned to our facility. Here they will be processed, graded and wiped. The reports and certificates will be created showing all costs and revenues and after this our Purchase Order will be made available for you to create a sales invoice. This sales invoice will be paid directly.

Data treatment

Your data sanitation choices are now largely dictated to you by the new GDPR legislations. These newly enforced rules mean our service can only operate at the very highest standard and it's this standard that we provide to all of our clients. Our indemnified service is industry leading and offers complete peace of mind to all. 


There are choices to be made with the logistics. Where the hardware we are collecting has no data risk, we offer a commercially beneficial courier service. Where a risk is identified, we offer dedicated accredited collections. In certain circumstances, the data sanitation can be completed on-site.

Market analysis

Demand for used mobile phones outweighs the supply. Figures show only 10% of the world population can afford a flagship device based on 1 full months salary. That leaves 90% with the demand for that 1 device at the end of its first lifecycle or around 7bn people. When the device isn't fit for re-use within our corporate lifecycle model, we find users elsewhere in fast growing economies. Where these economies struggle with e-waste, we offset our shipments with 10x of the volume.


Portal access is available for all clients however large or small. Our portal will manage your initial sign up and a short account form will take basic details. From here, a Scope of Work document will confirm your requirements. The portal will show live tracking of each stage of the recycling journey, producing all the relevant documents and certificates. These will be stored here and easily exportable for your records.