Desk Phone Recyling

Landline systems can hold value after your organisation has finished using them. Use our network to realise how.

When an organisation decides to upgrade their network, desk phone systems are often treated as waste.

However, landline phones and server systems can hold a higher residual value than would be perceived.

We have a well developed international network of buyers for landline equipment, who reinstall it into new organisations and use it to replace, or extend, current systems.

The landline market is more selective than other electrical channels, with a wider range of criteria that affects demand.

If your equipment does retain value, after processing, Asecca will retail the equipment through the sales network to achieve a return for your organisation.

If your equipment happens not to retain a residual value, as your recycling partner, Asecca will take the equipment away for recycling and provide all certification to meet your environmental obligations.

If you would like to engage Asecca to assist with your recycling, speak to an account manager.