IT Recycling

Used IT equipment has higher demand in other regions of the world. The Asecca service helps you to retail your equipment in these areas.

IT equipment that has been superseded can seem like a waste that is difficult to dispose of. There are complications attached as a large proportion of computer equipment is classified as hazardous waste. This means that shipping and reselling is highly restricted.

It is crucial that the recycling of any IT equipment is carried out in line with correct regulations and best practices. Your organisation needs to guarantee that their equipment is processed via responsible channels, in order to comply with the rules and to combat the global problem of toxic waste dumps.

Asecca carry out audits on all downstream customers to ensure that only working equipment is resold and any defective equipment is returned to re-manufacturing rather than landfill.

Importantly, IT equipment poses a significant risk with data security due to its capacity to store sensitive data. To maintain the highest level of security, all data retaining equipment is either completely erased or carefully destroyed.


If you would like to engage Asecca to assist with your recycling, speak to an account manager.