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The Solution

IT equipment that is recently deemed as redundant by a business, will often have a reuse demand. This part of the lifecycle service allows Asecca to generate a revenue from redundant hardware. This hardware can be collected and processed globally with uniform audits and certifications created for your Data Protection act 1998 and new GDPR compliance. These assets, once processed are then sold, creating a revenue stream for your business.

Bespoke package

Asecca will designate a specific solutions team to work alongside your business to build a product that will align perfectly with your current processes, bringing everything under one roof into a bitesize chunk. The initial set up will be an information gathering exercise by our team in order to ascertain your requirements. We, as always, aim to generate revenue from this service, however this may not always be the case.


Asecca work globally, linked closely with fully audited partners to provide a top-tier service, irrespective of your geographical location. Operationally, we aim to facilitate each location in it's home country. This follows our green ethos and assists our promise that any Asecca service is completed with a net Carbon Emissions of zero. Logistical security is also important, so where data breaches are a risk, we can provide dedicated or tracked couriers.


The portal really comes into its element for the IT recycling assisting the operations and logistics where things are more complicated. The portal will track all movements of every asset which is collected, giving full detailed reports of how it is processed and where its eventual destination. 


All assets are brought to our facilities in the hopes they are reusable. Where this is the case, they will be fully processed and returned to market. Unfortunately this isn't always achievable and in those circumstances we break down the hardware in to key components for repairs or raw materials to be utilised in manufacturing.