The Basics

Asecca manage corporate mobile phone estates. We assist our clients with fully managed services including both the supply and takeback of hardware estates. Our 24hr service is accessible on a centralised management portal. The portal offers complete management of all data and is fully auditable showing, where needed, information on a granular level, including: order, fulfilment and delivery dates, hardware details, costs, billing and new orders.

Our global deployment allows our clients to centralise the management and distribution of their mobile phone estate, where historically geographical restrictions forced cross-boarder repetition of these laborious tasks. We can now combine everything under one roof.


Technology Repurposing

Comprehensive mobile phone hardware and software management service. We centralise the management and the fulfilment of a Mobile Phone Estate. There our portal tracks all users and all devices. Replacing damaged devices and hardware for new starters is all managed here, right through to costings, paperwork and certificates.

Mobile Phone Recycling

All services come under the lifecycle management. Mobile phone recycling is no different. This area of the service allows you to sign-up, chose your data sanitation levels along with a commercial model that suits you. The portal access will show full tracking of the service along with any paperwork created: all under one roof.

IT recycling

Along with Mobile Phone Recycling, IT recycling slots in the Lifecycle Management. The operational workings are a little more advanced here, but with dedicated account managers and full access to the portal, we have made it as simple as possible. Our portal tracks each and every movement we make and you will have full access.

Data security

With the Data Protection act introduced in 1998 and now new laws under GDPR, data security is of the highest importance to your business . You can feel safe knowing that Asecca ensure all services carried out are in line with all current legislations. Certificates are stored on the portal for your compliance.


In recent years, the media has exposed illegal disposals of Hazardous Waste in toxic dumps in Western Africa and Asia.

Our sustainability promise and our lifecycle model ensures where an electronic item cannot be reused, it is not only recycled ethically, it is recycled with a Zero Emission impact.