The task of sorting out redundant electronic waste can be a daunting one.

Asecca makes this process as easy as possible for your organisation and provides confidence that there is no leak of company data and no inappropriately disposed hazardous waste bearing the name of your organisation.

Here is our coherent guide to get you up to speed with what we can do to save you time and concern over your compliance and data security:

Data Security

Any electrical asset that your organisation uses that has any form of memory can be a risk for data leakage. Some industries are more susceptible than others but all companies have to comply to the Data Protection Act introduced in 1998.

The impact of this is that any personal information anywhere on your computer systems or on your other electronic equipment, if leaked, can lead to prosecution and huge penalties. Personal information can be in the simplest of file types such as emails, contacts etc. Aside from this, any competitive information leaked can be detrimental to your business.

Environmental Legislation

In 2003 the European Community created the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive to tackle the growing amount of electrical products being introduced to the market without any legislation ensuring its environmental disposal at the end of its life-cycle.

Since January 2007 UK companies have had to comply with the WEEE directive. Failure to do so can result in multiple problems including fines, directorship bans etc.

If you haven’t complied with WEEE directive yet, don’t worry, Asecca can get your organisation to where it needs to be. Asecca can supply you with all of the information and records you require, in addition to this we also retain copies for 5 years to meet customer requirements.

Organisational Reputation

There has been growing trend over the past few years of the media exposing the illegal disposal of hazardous waste on toxic dumps in areas such as western Africa and central Asia. Local children scavenge through tonnes of waste electrical equipment on these dumps for precious metal to sell. These dumps can cause huge health problems for these local residents.

Toxic waste collectively includes unassuming assets such as computer monitors, mobile phones, computer base units, laptops etc. The risk of an organisation’s equipment turning up on one of these sites would be materially detrimental to their public perception and their Corporate Social Requirements.