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The Solution

Working together, we generate a solution that is bespoke to your needs. This solution is sent to commercial for costing. Once agreed the proposal document is generated for you to peruse. In here will be specific costs and revenues generated from our Lifecycle Service. Our action plan from here is determined by the timescales you require but generally speaking, we go from initial discussions to fulfilment within 2 weeks.


Costing packages vary depending on specific service requirements. We offer warranty, break fix and 48 hour swap-out to reduce downtime of any end user. Hardware costs are kept low by utilising our take-back schemes to prolong lifecycles. We can facilitate end user returns; repair and refurbish these devices and put them back into stock. These devices can replace the next cycle of damaged devices from your business. 


Our preferred hardware use for our service is sealed as-new devices and we see discounts of 20-40% compared to brand new devices with zero change to end user experience. These devices always come with full accessories compatible with the country of delivery along with an added bonus of a case and a screen protector. Every device that is supplied has your required software settings published. Mobile Device Management software is installed where required. 


Unlike other suppliers, Asecca can distribute worldwide, allowing all procurement to be completed centrally. We have strategic forwarding locations on all major continents facilitating next day deliveries in over 95% of circumstances. Where historically each location would have to run full procurement processes for small purchases, we are able to set one cost model that suits every end user, from London to Tokyo.

Green credentials

We have created a service that is carbon positive, saving between 50-100kg of CO2 emissions for every asset enrolled. We are proud to contribute towards a sustainable future and are urging all businesses to follow suit. Every single mobile phone managed on our service plan has an equivalent CO2 offset as 2 mature trees. Every minute, every day, every year - forever.


We operate a portal where devices can be managed through their full lifecycle: from initial purchase, where requests can be allocated to billing regions, through to the eventual recycling, which is fully tracked. The portal live tracks all assets that Asecca manage as part of the service along with all new requests. Auditing of any and all information is made easy with CSV. exports of any data required.